It's time for a change.

But that's not the end, just a new beginning.

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Soon I will invite you to a new place where I am going to share how I look at the world in the form of pictures and illustrations.


Portrait is my specialty. For several years I have been doing my own painting with both digital and traditional techniques. I admit that the work of traditional tools is getting me more and more and more often I sit in front of the easel. I appreciate the speed of work on the computer, in the end computer graphics is also a branch of art, but its commercialization does not affect its value. Strengths are on both sides.

Book Covers

Be careful, because dreams come true. The first book cover was designed for the publication of Feeria for the novel by Gabriela Gargaś under the title "W plątanienie uczuć". An extraordinary experience resulted in another book cover and another ... I like doing it.


I got a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan and I loved painting. I can do creative work and explore the world also through painting. I am fascinated by the exploration of traditional techniques - oil and acrylic, which I successfully link painting a new sequence of images.

Illustrations for children

Illustration for a child is a huge challenge. It seems to me that we often forget about how a child looks at the world. As a result, I spent a lot of time reading and analyzing children's images, including areas such as pedagogy, psychology and art therapy. In the future I would like to help through art not only children but also adults.

Illustrations for books, magazines...

Illustrating children's books is a journey to my childhood memories. Showing emotions - which are coming to me when I give myself to fantasies. After all, each of us is born an artist - we are the creators of our own lives.

Artistic notes

Surprise. I am going to open up and describe my world from the artist's point of view. Share both moments of contentment and describe the difficulties of creating not only images, but ideas and concepts for graphic design for commercial projects.

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